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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Caterpillars: Whole Class -  All learning behaviours

Wow Caterpillars, what an amazing first week! You are all settling in really well and starting to show the school's 'Learning Behaviours'!

Seahorses: Whole Class - All learning behaviors

Seahorse class have made a super start to year 1. They have demonstrated all the learning behaviours. Well done!

Wolves: Willow - Respect yourself and others

Willow has been a great role-model for her peers and has shown she can listen carefully to others in class. Well done, Willow!

Lions: Arna - All learning behaviours

Arna has been a star this week and demonstrated all of our school learning behaviours. Keep up the great work!

Dolphins: Dougie - Respect yourself and others

Dougie has been so kind and helpful to adults and his classmates. He has demonstrated great teamwork abilities.

Owls: Matipa - All learning behaviours

Matipa has had a a great first week at St. Andrew's. She has looked for opportunities to get involved and has shown such enthusiasm! Well done, Matipa and keep up the good work!

Butterflies: Sophie - Respect yourself and others

Sophie has thrown herself into life at St. Andrew's with her enthusiasm. It feels like you are part of our family already, Sophie!

Sport Cup: Alex - Respect yourself and others

Alex showed good team work and helped others during her lesson. Well done!