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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Ants: Madison - Work hard and concentrate / Respect yourself and others

Maddie has impressed every adult this week! She is modelling excellent learning behaviours & trying really hard in lessons. She is modelling great teamwork with her friends, keep it up Maddie! 

Giraffes: Beau - Work hard and concentrate

Throughout the summer term Beau has been pushing himself in English using outstanding adjectives and joining his writing! Well done Beau!

Otters: Lilly-Rose - All learning behaviours

Lilly always sets a shining example in everything she does and gives everyone so much to aspire to in all areas of learning.

Hummingbirds: Henry - Improve

Henry has made huge strides to improve his writing this week, well done Henry - hard work and perseverence lead to great things!

Foxes: All of Fox Class- All learning behaviours

We were so proud of all of Fox class for their excellent behaviour on the school trip to Colchester Castle. You all worked hard to represent all of our learning behaviours! 

Chipmunks: Eddie - Respect yourself and others

Eddie has shown lots of respect towards his peers, he always keeps everyone smiling & ensures that everyone has a friend to play with at break & lunch times - Well done Eddie!

Sport Cup : Harry - Respect yourself and others

Harry worked hard on his passing and shooting technique this week in football and scored some excellent goals in ultimate shootout. Well done!