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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Ants: Huey - Respect yourself and others

Huey is a super supportive learning partner. Not only does he help his partner, he demonstrates lovely qualities such as; patience and kindness. keep up the wonderful work!

Giraffes: Freddie - Respect yourself and others

Freddie has been such a kind 'Giraffe' this week, supporting his classmates with the 'new' lunch arrangements. He is an awesome Giraffe class member!

Otters: Jacob - Respect yourself and others / Work hard and concentrate

Jacob has started the new term with a positive attitude to his learning. He has managed distractions, stayed on green all week and shown respect towards others. Well done!

Hummingbirds: Harrison - Respect yourself and others / Work hard and concentrate

Harrison has tried so hard to complete his assessments this week, showing great perseverance and a desire to succeed. Well done!

Foxes: Emil - Improve

Emil has worked hard to improve his reading and maths. He is more confident when joining in with class discussions now, which is wonderful to see!

Chipmunks: Maxwell - Try new things

Max has returned to school with extremely positive attitude. He has impressed us with his willingness to get involved - particularly in music. Well done, Max!

Fireflies: George - Respect yourself and others

George has shone and sparkled his way through this week in so many ways, particularly in encouraging and supporting those around him at work and play. Well done!

Sport Cup: Theo - Respect yourself and others

Theo worked fantastically with his partner in tennis, supporting him and showing the correct technique. Well done!