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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Love Birds: Connie - Try new things.

Connie has tried many new abracadabra do challenges this week. She has painted the flower bed tyres, washed the cars and been on a bug hunt, recording all her findings on a clip board!

Pandas; George - Improve.

George has shown great progress with his phonics and reading. He has skipped up the Read,Write,Inc. groups in his assessment this week, fantastic!

Seahorses: Archie - Work hard and concentrate.

Archie shows many of the school's learning behaviours and is a great role model in year 2. Archie has been a joy to teach!

Giraffes: Jasmine - Improve.

Jasmine has been putting in lots of effort to do her best. Even when things get tricky, we can always rely on Jasmine to share a smile!

Ocelots: Mateusz - Work hard and concentrate.

Mateusz consistently concentrates in all lessons and puts 100% into his work. A great role model. Well done Mateusz, we are very proud of you!

Polar Bears: Polly - Imagine.

Polly has wowed us all with her creative ideas and vocabulary this week. She has been such a positive writing role model for her peer, having developed her ideas in her own time.

Golden Eagles: Lily - Work hard and concentrate.

Lily has been working hard to focus and concentrate on her work. She has worked particularly hard this week in maths, finding the perimeter, area and volume of different shapes. Well done Lily!

Falcons: Isabel - Improve.

Izzy has made amazing progress with her English and Maths this week. Well done!

Sports Cup: Alfie - Try new things.

Alfie was so enthusiastic this week in P.E. He listened carefully and put everything into all we did.