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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Ants: Erin - Improve

Erin has shown big improvements in her sounds and writing. She is applying her sounds in writing. She is applying her sounds to write new words! She is practising lots at home and always shows an eagerness to learn. Keep up the fabulous work!

Giraffes: Ava - Improve

Ava's resilience has grown over the last weeks. She is starting to really enjoy a challenge and striving for accuracy in her learning. Keep it up, Ava!

Otters: Eva - Try new things

Eva has challenged herself this week. She impressed us by being the first one to create a triangle with three straight lines. Keep it up!

Hummingbirds: Abigail - Respect yourself and others

Abigail has settled into St. Andrew's and Hummingbird class really well. She has quickly picked up all the learning behaviours and has a big smile for everyone!

Foxes: Emil - Improve

Emil has made a real effort with his learning since half term. He has also demonstrated a kind and caring attitude towards others, helping them when he can. Well done!

Chipmunks: Jude - Respect yourself and others

Jude has made extra effort this week, to go above and beyond , to show kindness to others in school. He has shown lots of empathy towards others. Well done, Jude, keep it up!

Fireflies: Joshua - Work hard and concentrate

Joshua was so focussed during Maths this week that he didn't even notice it was lunchtime! What dedication to decimals, fractions and percentages!

Sport Cup: Logan - Don't give up

Logan worked hard on his throwing and catching technique during target games. Keep it up!