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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Ants: Jacob - Work hard and concentrate / Try new things

Jakey has really impressed us this week. He read out a prayer for the Church Service and learnt all of his lines by heart. He is always a kind and caring member of the class with beautiful manners. He is a shining star!

Giraffes: Whole class - All learning behaviours

Wow! I can't believe how hard Giraffe class have worked to learn all of our nativity songs and dance moves. You have been 'amazing aliens' and we are all so proud of you!

Otters: Whole class - All learning behaviours

We are all so proud of the whole of Otter class for your amazing Nativity Performance. You all acted and sang brilliantly, we were also impressed with your adaptability - learning new parts and changing positions!

Hummingbirds: Abigail - All learning behaviours

Abigail is such a caring and considerate member of Hummingbirds. As well as this, she gives her full effort in all she does.

Foxes: Whole class - Try new things / Imagine

To the whole of 'Fox class' for their excellent hard work and imagination when trying something new. They used Powerpoint to produce a presentation about electricity - well done!

Chipmunks: Isabelle - Try new things

Issy has taken lots of opportunities to try new things in Chipmunks class. She has contributed lots to discussion and improved her confidence by looking for chances to get involved. Well done!

Fireflies: Isabel - Respect yourself and others

Issy, watching your confidence grow, enabling you to be brave and take greater risks with your learning is just wonderful. Keep believing, Issy and you'll keep surprising yourself with what you achieve!

Sport Cup: Joey - Work hard and concentrate

Joey always works hard in PE and particularly impressed us with his football skills this week. Well done!