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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Ants: Joseph - Respect yourself and others

Joseph is an absolutely amazing role-model in Ant class. He always works hard and listens well. He is a wonderful friend who looks out for others. Quietly just getting on. Well done, amazing work!

Giraffes: Harrison - Improve

Harry's focus and determination, in his 'Special Write' this week, has blown us away. He has confidently and independently written his letter to Santa which included all the features of a letter. Go Harry!

Otters: Hunter - Work hard and concentrate

Hunter has impressed us all this week with his determination and motivation with his learning. This week, he has tried to become more independent and has written a super special write! Well done!

Hummingbirds:  Joshua - All learning behaviours

Joshua has started St. Andrew's with such positivity and a 'growth mindset'! Every day, he displays our 'Learning Behaviours' ad it is so encouraging to see the progress he has made so far!

Foxes: Louis: Work hard and concentrate

Louis has been working really hard with his maths, not giving up and being determined to succeed! Louis has also worked hard during after school catch-up.

Chipmunks: Nila - Don't give up / Improve

Nila has shown lots of determination this week - she has dug deep and worked hard to improve, setting challenges and not giving up when she found it challenging. Well done!

Fireflies: Kayden - Improve

Kayden has made the most incredible strides forward as a learner this week, showing strength and resilience on a whole new level! Enjoy this feeling, Kayden!

Sport Cup: Benedict- Work hard and concentrate

Benedict always works hard in PE and particularly impressed me with his Christmas dance!