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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Ants: Georgie - Work hard & concentrate / Improve

Georgie's confidence has soared since starting school. He is always so eager to put his head up during carpet time and ready to give things a go! He has progressed in leaps and bounds and we are all so proud of him! 

Giraffes: Parker - Work hard & concentrate

Parker has gone above and beyond this week, both in and out of school, with his learning. Parker has excellent recall of our class book 'The Gruffalo', and he can read it independently and write it in his own words. Well done!

Otters: Layla - Try new things

Layla has impressed us with her attitude towards working on the Nativity play. She has learnt her lines already, knows when to say them and performs with great expression!

Hummingbirds: Joe - Improve/Imagine/Work hard & concentrate

Joe has given his very best recently, particularly immersing himself in creative writing. We were 'wowed' by how he used writing tools to create suspense. Keep it up!

Foxes: Ruby - Improve

Ruby has been trying to improve her maths work and worked well with her peers to achieve this goal. She always shows a positive attitude towards learning and we are very proud of her!

Chipmunks: Emily - Work hard & concentrate

Emily has impressed us with all of her hard work - she has put in lots of hours working towards her new targets and shows great enthusiasm. Well done, Emily!

Fireflies: Leo - Respect yourself and others

Leo was the most empathetic, patient and encouraging supporter to his peers during our maths investigation this week - you should be really proud of what you helped others achieve. Well done, Leo!

Sport Cup: Tahir - Work hard and concentrate

Tahir always works hard in PE, encouraging his team as well as improving his technique. Keep it up!