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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Ants: Jarvis - Work hard & concentrate

Jarvis really 'wowed' us this week with his hard work. He always remains focussed on challenges and has worked hard with his reading and is already in 'Red Ditty' group. Super work, Jarvis!

Giraffes: Willis - Don't give up

Willis has shown great focus and determination this week when reading aloud the story of 'The Gruffalo'. He read fluently and clearly to the whole class! We are so proud of you, Willis!

Otters: Matthew - Try new things

Matthew has enjoyed our poetry week. He has learnt and performed a poem brilliantly and created a great onomatopoeia poem too! Well done!

Hummingbirds: Stanley - Work hard and concentrate / Improve

Congratulations Stanley on your exceptional attitude towards your maths learning, you even stayed in at lunchtime to complete extra challenges. Well done!

Foxes: Lilly - Work hard & concentrate / Improve

Lilly has put great effort into her writing this week, aiming high by up levelling her work to include exciting adjectives, adverbs and conjunctions!

Chipmunks: Lola - Respect yourself and others

Lola shows wonderful kindness to the whole class community. She is a brilliant friend and always wants everyone to feel included and happy. Well done, Lola!

Fireflies: Sophia - Respect yourself & others

Sophia has been commended by so many of the Fireflies class for offering to help them with stitching their chutney jar covers this week. She has offered this support with a smile, so thank you, Sophia!

Sport Cup: Huey - Try new things

Huey demonstrated imagination and creativity whilst creating a nursery rhyme dance this week. Great work!