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C of E Primary School

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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Ants: Lucy - Respect yourself & others

Lucy is always a kind and considerate member of the class. She is a fantastic friend and an excellent role-model!

Giraffes: Nicholas - Improve

Wow, you have really pushed yourself with your learning this week, making all your adults feel proud. You have used your listening ears and made great choices!

Otters: Oliver - Respect yourself & others

Oliver is a shining example to Otter class. He is such a supportive learning partner and always makes good choices. Well done!

Hummingbirds: Rosie - Don't give up/ Work hard and concentrate

Rosie has taken herself into the challenge zone this week in all lessons. Her bravery and tenacity has produced wonderful work, particularly in creative writing - what as star!

Foxes: Thomas - Work hard and concentrate

Tom has tried really hard in all subjects, so much so that he has 'wowed' us all. Thomas puts in maximum effort even when work is challenging, a great role-model!

Chipmunks: Jessica - Try new things / Improve

Jessica has worked tirelessly on joining her handwriting, always willing to work on suggested improvements. She is a great role-model. Well done!

Fireflies: Harley - Work hard and concentrate

Harley has absolutely blown us away this week with his deep thinking, focus and precision across the curriculum. We are so proud of you!

Sport Cup: Ant class - Work hard and concentrate

Ant class have been working really hard on their throwing and catching technique in P.E. Keep it up!