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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Ants: Ethan - Improve

Ethan has shown amazing improvements with his letter formation. You can see such a difference in just a week! We loved your 'a' especially. Well done!

Giraffes: Archie - Improve

Archie's focus and determination this week has been outstanding. He has been striving for accuracy with his maths work, challenging himself and helping adults!

Otters: Betty - Work hard & concentrate/ Respect yourself & others

Betty has impressed us this week with her determination and motivation in class. She strives to be the best she can be and is always kind and helpful to others.

Hummingbirds: Aimee - Work hard and concentrate

Aimee has amazed us with the range of words used in her writing about plastic pollution. She is always so attentive and focussed. A well-deserved award!

Foxes: Elissa - Work hard and concentrate

Elissa has thrown herself into our English work. She answered questions in a thoughtful and detailed way using inference to work out characters motives.

Chipmunks: Saphia - Improve/ Don't give up

Saphia has shown great determination, striving to improve. Well done, Saphia you have given your best 100% of the time. We could not ask for more!

Fireflies: Rhys - Work hard and concentrate

Rhys has made such great strides in his focus and work ethic in just two weeks and is certainly reaping the rewards!

Sport Cup: Year 4 - Respect yourself and others

Year 4 showed great determination and stamina during the bleep-test. We were all super impressed. Well done!