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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Zebras: Emily - All learning behaviours

Each and every day throughout the year, Emily has always made the right choices and been a great friend to everyone. She's just an amazing little zebra and loved by all!

Chameleons: Betty - Don't give up

Betty has started this week with great positivity when being introduced to new skills. She has been resilient in every task and achieved great accuracy when sewing her bunting.

Red Pandas: Teddy - Imagine

Teddy has thrown himself into our Design & Technology week. He has enjoyed planning, designing and making an amazing buggy!

King Cobras: Jacob - Improve

I could have written this for 'Work hard and concentrate' too. Your recent 'Big Write', showed such great improvement, we are all very impressed with your efforts and progress!

Polar Bears: Whole Class - All learning behaviours

Polar Bears were a delight to take on the school trip! They modelled all of the St. Andrew's learning behaviours all day long - we were very proud of them all!

Koalas: Isabel - Try new things

Isabel shared such awe and wonder on our school trip to Flatford Mill and caught some fantastic creatures whilst pond dipping!

Mountain Goats: Amber - Work hard and concentrate

Amber really has gone the extra mile this week, impressing us with the effort she has put in out of choice at home as well as at school.