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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Zebras: Nicholas - Improve

Nicky has really impressed us all with his focus during carpet time. He is trying hard to focus on the right things, keep it up, Nicky!

Chameleons: Matthew - Work hard and concentrate

Matthew had a fantastic knowledge on our school trip to Colchester Zoo. Sharing his facts with his group and recalling the animal groupings with great confidence. Well done, Matthew!

Red Pandas: Arna - Work hard and concentrate

Arna has impressed us this week. She has enjoyed writing a diary account from one of the crayons from our class novel 'The Day the Crayons quit' and has been a great learning partner too. Well done!

King Cobras: Whole Class - All learning behaviours

Well done King Cobra Class, you showed all the school's learning behaviours on your trip to Walton-on-the-Naze. You were amazing fossil hunters and I thoroughly enjoyed your company!

Polar Bears: Isabelle - Don't give up

Isabelle has shown courage and persistence this week in every area! She has made fantastic contributions in class discussions too. What a star!

Koalas: George - Don't give up

George has persevered with all his work this week and even with a broken arm, he still gives his best!

Mountain Goats: Melody - Work hard and concentrate

Melody has impressed every adult that has worked with year 6 this week with her incredibly focussed, positive attitude. What a journey, melody!

Sport Cup: Emily - Work hard and concentrate

Emily always works hard in PE and performed outstandingly in the sprint event this week. Well done, Emily!