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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Zebras: Whole class - All learning behaviours

What can we say - what an amazing day we had at the farm! You represented our school brilliantly and we were so proud to be with you all. Well done!

Chameleons: Harley - Improve

Harley has been working on improving his writing and striving for accuracy. His handwriting is so neat and he has been putting 100% into it! Well done and keep it up!

Red Pandas: Andrew - Work hard and concentrate

Andrew has shown his motivation this week and improvements with his learning. he has stayed focussed and given his all! Super work!

King Cobras: Tahir - Work hard and concentrate

Tahir has made an excellent effort in maths this week. Well done, Tahir!

Polar Bears: Harmony - Work hard and concentrate

Harmony is a fantastic worker - she always does her best and follows instructions carefully. She is such a great role-model for others.

Koalas: Kayden - Improve

Kayden has amazed us this week with his reading skills and times tables speeds. Keep it up!

Mountain Goats: Whole Class - Work hard and concentrate

Mrs Root and I couldn't be prouder of you for the hard work, resilience and tenacity you have all shown during assessments, year 6! You've shown brightly like the stars you are!

Sport Cup: Eddie - Work hard and concentrate

Eddie showed resilience during sports day practice and worked hard to improve his skipping skills. Well done, Eddie!