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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Zebras: Frankie - Respect yourself and others

Frankie has had a great week. He's tried really hard to think about his actions, focus on the right things and make good choices. Well done, Frankie!

Chameleons: Theo - Improve

Theo has been extremely determined this week with his writing. He has created an amazing 'Special Write', with great description and structure. Well done!

Red Pandas: Evie - Improve

Evie has been working so hard in all areas of the curriculum. She always tries her best and produced an amazing 'Special write'. Well done, Evie!

King Cobras: Joey - Work hard and concentrate

Joey is trying really hard to focus in the classroom. He produced an excellent 'Double Page Spread' about rocks. Well done, Joey!

Polar Bears: Miley - Dont give up

Miley has fantastic co-operation skills and focusses closely on her steps to success in every lesson, being meticulous in all areas of her work. Well done, Miley!

Koalas: Ayva - All learning behaviours

Ayva has been an incredible learning partner this week, displaying patience and a kind heart to all. She has also put in 100% effort with mental maths!

Mountain Goats: Pippa - Imagine

Pip gave so much thought to the ending of the story that she wrote for 'Special Write' this week - carefully considered and totally unique! What a writer!

Sport Cup: Emily - Improve

Emily worked hard this week during relay races and showed determination to go faster each time. Well done!