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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Zebras: Archie - Respect yourself and others / Improve

Archie has made such an amazing effort to make the right choices and focus on the right things this week. His mini-beast book and the big grin on his face reflected this. Thank you for showing it to me Archie, everyone is so, so proud of you!

Chameleons: Oscar - Improve

Oscar has 'wowed' his teachers this week with his fluency when reading aloud in RW Inc. Keep working really hard Oscar and well done!

Red Pandas: Samuel - Improve

Samuel has really showed perseverance with his learning, particularly with his reading fluency and comprehension. He is certainly striving to improve. Well done!

King Cobras: Ruby - Improve / Work hard and concentrate

Ruby has showed a huge improvement in her writing. She has demonstrated she can use speech marks and great descriptive language in her 'Big Write'. Fabulous effort!

Polar Bears: Laiton - Dont give up

Laiton's friendly attitude and sense of humour, along with such a fantastic 'growth mindset' make him our superstar this week! Never stop giving 100%, Laiton!

Koalas: Lola-Rose - Improve

Lola wrote a fantastic diary entry this week, describing feelings and using a range of punctuation. Well done!

Mountain Goats: Ruby - Work hard and concentrate

Ruby is a ray of sunshine to see her investing so much energy and positivity in her learning. Well done, Ruby!

Sport Cup: Marley - Improve

Marley was fantastic during the relay races this week and efficiently passed the baton along. Keep it up!