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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Zebras: Bonnie - Work hard and concentrate/ Improve/ Don't give up

Bonnie has been persevering with her sounds, her writing and her maths. When faced with challenge, she bounces back and just keeps trying. We have all noticed your hard work! Well done!

Chameleons: Enola - Improve

Enola has been striving for accuracy in her writing and completed her 'Big Write' and completed a whole page! We are so proud of your focus and determination!

Red Pandas: Arlo - Imagine

Arlo has been inspired by our class novel, George's Marvellous Medicine. He has creatively thought of ideas for his 'Big Write' and shared with his class. Well done!

King Cobras: Kacie - Work hard and concentrate

Kacie can feel so proud of herself, she works hard, never gives up and is a real 'team player'. Well done, Kacie!

Polar Bears: Eloise - Don't give up

Eloise has put such big smiles on our faces this week, with her increased motivation and 'don't give up' attitude. There's really been no stopping her this week. Well done, Eloise!

Koalas: Joe - Improve

Joe has really taken his time to improve his writing and make sure it is best it can be. Keep this up!

Mountain Goats: Theo - Imagine

Theo has risen to the challenge of creativity, a narrative about the water cycle - your creativity, imagination and innovation have impressed us all. Well done, Theo!

Sport Cup: King Cobra Class - Improve

King Cobras were fantastic this week when learning the rules for rounders and worked well as a team. Well done!