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Headteacher's cup Winners

Zebras: Freddie - Work hard and concentrate / Improve

Freddie wowed us with his life cycle of a seed drawing this week. - and he was the first to challenge himself to complete it. Freddie has also worked his socks off in his new phonics group. Well done!

Chameleons: Ezrah - Improve

Ezrah has put in 100% effort with his learning this week. He's been resilient in every challenge, working hard with a huge smile on his face. Keep it up!

Red Pandas: Andrew - Try new things

Andrew has been truly inspired by our class novel 'George's Marvellous Medicine'. He has created some super writing and even read aloud to the whole of Red Panda class! Well done!

King Cobras: Daisy - Improve

Daisy has worked so hard to improve her maths skills this week. She has shown such determination and not given up, well done!

Polar Bears: Emily - Imagine

Emily writes so imaginatively - her most recent 'Special Write' was superb! Emily loves to be in the challenge zone, using different writing techniques. Great effort, Emily. Keep it up!

Koalas: Kayden - Respect yourself and others

Kayden has been a fantastic helper this week with his learning partner - a great example to others. Kayden can always be relied upon to be a respectful Koala!

Mountain Goats: Caidence - Work hard and concentrate

Caidence has quietly worked her socks off this week and made leaps forward in her learning as a result. Well done!

Sport Cup: Chameleon Class - Work hard and concentrate

Wow! Chameleons, you have impressed your teacher in your first gymnastics lesson. Working well with a partner to create a sequence of moves and jumps. Keep working hard!