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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Zebras: Beau - Try new things

Beau has 'wowed' us this week with her determination and positivity when joining our class. she has contributed within teams sessions and completed independent challenges within school. Well done!

Chameleons: Beau - Work hard and concentrate

Beau, you have worked so hard during home learning and sharing his great thoughts and ideas has been part of every day!! We are so proud of your efforts and new levels of confidence. You star!

Red Pandas: Whole class - All Learning behaviours

Red Pandas you have amazed us with your resilience, positivity and enthusiasm during this time of remote learning whether that has been at home or school, thank you, each and every one of you!

King Cobras: Emily - Work hard and concentrate

Excellent work in English, Emily! Your diary and descriptive writing were really impressive. Emily always looks for exciting new adjectives to improve her work. Well done!

Polar Bears: Luisa - Work hard and concentrate

Luisa has always listened attentively during remote lessons in Teams. She always aims high and aspires to do her very best in every challenge. Luisa is a reflective learner who reliably explains her thinking clearly, which really supports others. Well done!

Koalas: Whole class - All learning behaviours

Koala class have blown us away with their online learning and demonstrated St Andrew's learning behaviours! They have worked hard and brought a smile to our faces. Well done!

Mountain Goats: Larry - Don't give up

Larry has shown constant determination to become more confident asking for support during Teams sessions and to improve his understanding across the curriculum. We are so proud of you, Larry!