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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Zebras: Eleanor - Dont give up

Eleanor, despite finding online tricky at times, has put in such effort, showing determination and resilience. As a result, she is showing good progress with her learning making us all super proud! Keep it up, Eleanor!

Chameleons: Oliver - Work hard and concentrate

Oliver has amazed us this week with his work ethic, setting himself extra challenges and contributing in every lesson. Well done, Olvier!

Red Pandas: Hazel - Work hard and concentrate

Hazel has been an absolute inspiration during our remote learning sessions. She is highly attentive in ALL lessons and tries her absolute best to give 100%!

King Cobras: Eddie - Improve / Work hard and concentrate

Eddie, you have put in such effort this week with all your challenges. We are so impressed to see you really pushing yourself to complete the most difficult maths tasks! Well done!

Polar Bears: Oliver - All learning behaviours

Oliver is a shining example in Polar Bears class, throwing himself into the challenges of remote learning. He actively participates and shares thoughtful responses. His increased confidence in English has particularly impressed us!

Koalas: George - Try new things

George has really thrown himself into online learning, he is always so enthusiastic and works hard to produce his very best work.

Mountain Goats: Jessica - Improve

It has been wonderful to watch Jessica giving remote learning her all this week, throwing herself into responding to live feedback to develop her thinking on her Teams assignment. Well done, Jess!