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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Zebras: Phoebe - Work hard and concentrate

Phoebe has enjoyed learning about patterns and problem solving this week. She has showed great perseverance in phonics both in and outside school. This has really paid off and she is doing some super reading!

Chameleons: Zara - Improve

Zara has greeted us with a wonderful smile in each and every session. Her confidence has 'wowed' us all. She has shone in class text sessions. Well done and keep it up!

Red Pandas: Chloe - Imagine

Chloe is a shining example to all in Red Panda's class. She brings such enthusiasm and creativity to our online learning with her imaginative ideas. A great poem and artwork have really wowed us this week. Well done!

King Cobras: Jacob - Improve

Jacob always pushes himself to do more challenging work. He self-corrects and always tries to make his work the best it can be. He has also worked on a fantastic God's eye in art at the weekend. Well done!

Polar Bears: April - Work hard and concentrate

April's commitment to online learning has been remarkable! She always goes above and beyond, asking for extra challenges that often take her into breaks. What's more she cheerfully shares ideas with others. Well done, April!

Koalas: Connie - All learning behaviours

Connie always gives 100% effort in her online lessons and actively participates in class discussions. A fantastic Koala!

Mountain Goats: Freya - Work hard and concentrate

Freya has thrown herself into the challenges of remote learning, continually striving to better her best and embrace opportunities to improve. We are so proud!