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Headteacher's Cup winners

Zebras: Miles - Work hard and concentrate

We have been so impressed with how hard he is working at home and with confidence to share his work on Teams!

Chameleons: Jacob - Work hard and concentrate

Jacob has shown great concentration and independence with online learning. With a huge smile, he pushes himself with every challenge! Keep it up!

Red Pandas: Isla - Work hard and concentrate

Isla always has a positive attitude to her learning and has been amazing with remote lessons. She is always bright and cheerful and contributes in every lesson, an amazing Red Panda!

King Cobras: Elissa - Work hard and concentrate

Elissa has shown outstanding effort in literacy, especially with her written work. Her imaginative book review for Iron Man, and additional one of her choice, really impressed us all!

Polar Bears: Hannah - Work hard and concentrate / Respect yourself and others

During remote and in school sessions Hannah always models St Andrew's learning behaviours by listening carefully and completing her work precisely. She always uses 'chat' and 'hands up' appropriately and is unfailingly courteous to others. Well done!

Koalas: Ava - Imagine

Ava has written a fantastic description of a roller-coaster ride and a hilarious descriptive and persuasive account of why she should be chosen to go up into space. keep up the great work!

Mountain Goats: Henry - Work hard and concentrate

Henry has shone in our 'virtual classroom' day in and out. He brings such enthusiasm, positivity and resilience to every Teams session and should be so proud of all he is achieving. Well done, Henry!