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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Zebras: Parker - Work hard and concentrate

Parker has impressed us so much with his enthusiasm during online lessons and those challenges you have completed are super! We're all very proud!

Chameleons: Millie - Improve

Millie has shown great determination with her online learning, pushing herself and striving for accuracy, especially during maths sessions. keep it up, Millie!

Red Pandas: Louie - Don't give up and Work hard and concentrate

Louie has amazed us with his attitude and motivation during our remote lessons. He is trying so hard and has remained focussed in both phonics and maths. Well done, Louie, we are super proud!

King Cobras: Thomas - Don't give up

Thomas has made an excellent effort with his online learning. He has really persevered, even when he found the calculations challenging last week. Thomas your instructions were excellent too! Well done!

Polar Bears: Sophia - Work hard and concentrate

Sophia has engaged in online learning with such a positive attitude. There have been so many portfolio posts this week so you are clearly working really hard. What a superstar!

Koalas: Emily - Work hard and concentrate

Emily has given 100% in everything this week. She has been a shining star in group work times, persevering and engaging fantastically. well done!

Mountain Goats: Lincoln - Work hard and concentrate

Lincoln is throwing himself into every minute of remote learning. Hard work has gone into each day and every post to his portfolio, it has been such a joy to see he is so proud of what he is achieving.