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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Zebras: Tyller - Work hard and concentrate

Tyller has worked so hard this week, 'wowing' us with his writing, sounds and number recognition. He has been so focussed and felt proud of his achievements. Well done!

Chameleons: Dougie - Improve

Wow, Dougie, you have amazed us with your reading fluency and outstanding spelling this week. We are so proud of you. Welll done!

Red Pandas: Delilah - All Learning behaviours

Delilah has been a shining example to the class, ready for her learning each day and contributing in each session and she has tried her best in every activity. Well done!

King Cobras: Daisy - Improve

Daisy, you are working so hard at home and school! This effort is resulting in progress, keep up the good work, Daisy!

Polar Bears: Abigail - Try new things / Work hard and concentrate

Abigail always pushes herself out of her 'comfort zone' to achieve exceptionl results. She frequently extends her learning at home without prompting. Keep aiming high, Abi!

Koalas: Chloe - Improve

Chloe wrote a fantastic persuasive letter this week using imperative verbs and rhetorical questions! Well done, Chloe!

Mountain Goats: Anna - Work hard and concentrate

Anna has thrown everything at her remote learning this week, persevering throughout each session every day. What a shining example!

Sport Cup: Charlie - Improve

Charlie showed fantastic determination and stamina during cross-country this week. Great work, Charlie!