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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Zebras: Emily - Imagine

Emily has wowed us all with her super original ideas this week, from telling us about the bears' feelings in our story, to finding a 'gold cup' for our race winners in challenge time.

Chameleons: Matthew - Respect yourself and others

Matthew is such an asset to Chameleon class. He is so kind and caring to every member of Chameleons, there to lend a helping hand. Well done!

Red Pandas: Abigail - Improve

Abigail is a great role model to Red Pandas class. She works hard and tries to improve all aspects of her learning. She always earns a reading star, completes her homework and does well in her spelling tests. Well done!

King Cobras: Christopher - Improve

Christopher, you are embracing challenges in King Cobra class and doing your best. You have also been kind to other members of the class. Well done!

Polar Bears: Lily - All learning behaviours

Lily is such an enthusiastic learner with a positive attitude, an asset to Polar Bear class. Well done!

Koalas: Jess - Imagine

Jess has come back full of confidence and resilience and is challenging herself much more in maths. keep up the great work!

Mountain Goats: Emily - improve

Emily has blown us away with her enthusiasm, fluency and positivity in reading this week. It has been such a joy watching you blossom. Well done!

Sport Cup: Chameleon Class - Improve

Wow! You have impressed Miss Taylor with your awesome hockey skills. Your control, focus and determination has made us so proud. Well done!