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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Zebras: Obi - Respect yourself and others

Obi has impressed us so much this week! He has been making lots of good choices and trying to focus on the right things. Keep it up, Obi. We are so proud of you!

Chameleons: Lucas - Work hard and concentrate

Wow, Lucas! You have really impressed us this week with your positive attitude towards learning and achievements! You should be proud of yourself!

Red Pandas: Henry - Don't give up

Henry has had a really great week and has been trying so hard with his writing. He used speech marks and adverbs! Keep it up!

King Cobras: Brooke - Improve

Brooke, we are all so very proud of you! You have worked so hard to improve you number bonds. Your recall of number bonds to 100, using known facts, was super quick. Keep it up!

Polar Bears: Evelyn - Improve / Work hard and concentrate

Evelyn has always been a great role-model, doing her best. However, recently she has shown more resilience when things are more tricky. Keep smiling and bouncing into school, Evelyn!

Koalas: Charlie - All learning behaviours

Charlie consistently demonstrates our learning behaviours. He challenges himself in all areas and is always up for supporting his pears. Keep it up!

Mountain Goats: Jack - Improve

Jack has put such tremendous effort into improving so many areas of the curriculum this week and really is reaping the benefits as a result. Well done!

Sport Cup : Issy - Improve

Issy demonstrated fantastic rugby skills this week and wowed us her passing and kicking. Well done!