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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Love Birds: Chloe - Respect yourself and others.

Chloe worked with other love birds to re-tell the story of the 'Little Red Hen'. Her confidence amazed us, when she stood in front of the class and performed as a rat. Well done!

Pandas: Whole Class - Respect yourself and others.

Pandas, you have been an example to the whole school community. You were calm and sensible in an emergency and have come into school ready to learn every day since. Well done!

Seahorses: Jodie - Improve.

Jodie's confidence in reading is growing and growing, to the point where she even read a story to all her seahorse friends this week. Well done Jodie - keep it up!

Giraffes: Ewan - Work hard and concentrate.

Ewan has worked hard this week to focus on the right things. He has been putting lots of effort into his classwork and should be very proud of himself. Keep it up Ewan!

Ocelots: Isabelle - Work hard and concentrate.

Isabelle has raised her game in maths to try and be the best that she can be. Se keeps focused and doesn't let any difficult problems stop her. Keep it up Isabelle and well done!

Polar Bears: Jamie  Work hard and concentrate.

Jamie has worked so hard to research and answer his question about Roman life; he reflected really carefully on the purpose of the research and relevance of his findings. Fabulous effort Jamie!

Golden Eagles: Joe - Respect yourself and others.

Joe's attitude to his work is fantastic. He listens really carefully to what he is asked to do and concentrates hard. I've been really impressed with his attitude and fabulous behaviour this week.

Falcons: William - Work hard and concentrate.

William never fails to give every single lesson 100%. What a super star!

Sports Cup Winner: Leo - Work hard and concentrate.

Leo has listened well and worked really hard, he has shown determination and not given up when things were tricky.