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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Zebras: Leonardo - Work hard and concentrate

Leo has amazed us with his storytelling this week. He has been working so hard to remember all the actions and words for 'The Little Red Hen'. Well done, we are so proud of you!

Chameleons: Jacob - Improve

Jacob has made excellent choices this week, improving his behaviour and challenging himself during lessons. Well done!

Red Pandas: Evie - Don't give up

Evie amazed us this week with her 'Special Write'. She persevered to write a fabulous story, trying her best with her presentation. Well done!

King Cobras: Elissa - Work hard and concentrate

Elissa, you consistently show King Cobras excellent learning behaviours. Because of your attitude to learning, you are making super progress. Well done for being such a great role-model.

Koalas: Erin - Work hard and concentrate

Erin has settled into St. Andrew's so well and always gives 100% effort in all curriculum areas, great work!

Mountain Goats: Jack - Improve

Jack has shown the most tremendous resilience and stamina in his writing that we have ever seen from him! What a smile, Jack - we are all so proud of you!

Sport Cup: Evelyn - Work hard and concentrate

Evelyn worked hard in our first rugby session this week and demonstrated a great pocket pass. Well done!

Polar Bears: Whole Class - Work hard and concentrate/Improve

You are all goal scorers for your 'Special Write'. You showed such an admirable attitude in applying everything from recent lessons - even better, you enjoyed yourselves so much too!