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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Zebras: Joey - Respect yourself and others

Joey sets such an amazing example for all his Zebra friends. He listens carefully, makes good choices, is kind to others and he's our tidy up king! Keep it up, Joey, you are a star!

Chameleons: Benedict - Work hard and concentrate

Benny has excelled in Maths this week, working extra hard and asking for more challenges. You are a superstar!

Red Pandas: Joel - Respect yourself and others

Joel has had an excellent week and he has made some really good choices! He has managed distractions and tried really hard with his learning.

King Cobras: Elizabeth - Improve

Lizzie, you are driving head first into challenges with improved confidence and stamina. Because of your attitude, you are making whizzy progress. Keep up the good work, Lizzie!

Polar Bears: Teagan - Respect yourself and others/Work hard and concentrate

We can always rely on Teagan to make the right choices; by showing a helping hand at playtime or by her attitude to learning. Well done!

Koalas: Jack - Work hard and concentrate

Jack always works hard and continues to challenge himself in all curriculum areas. He demonstrated great knowledge when explaining the written methods of addition and subtraction.

Mountain Goats: Amy - Work hard and concentrate

Amy has sought every opportunity to challenge herself across the curriculum and is really reaping the rewards - especially with the incredible problems she has been joining in Maths!

Sport Cup: Oliver - Improve

Oliver has really improved his running stamina and technique and demonstrated great determination during the 5 minute run. Keep up the good work!