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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Penguins: Whole Class - All learning behaviours

We are so proud of Penguin class for the resilience and their determination to learn this week!

Owls: Anya - Work hard and concentrate

Anya has amazed us with her learning of money. She is confidently counting coins, adding totals and beginning to give change! Well done!

Leopards: Maxim - Try new things

Maxim always looks for opportunities to ask questions to further his understanding - full of curiosity and spark.

Wolves: Daisy - Respect yourself and others

Daisy has worked really hard this week with her writing and always can be spotted making the right choices. Keep it up!

Meerkats: Lola -Rose - Work hard and concentrate

Lola, you are a wonderful member of Meerkat class, always striving for accuracy and supporting your class mates continuously. Well done!

Narwhals: Louis - Don't give up

Louis has shown such impressive reading stamina this week, showing that he has read deeply with real perseverance! Well done!

Squirrels: Lila - Work hard and concentrate

Lila has impressed us with her determination in Maths and Spellings this week. It has been fantastic to see her confidence grow as she succeeds each day.

Sport Cup: Abigail - Work hard and concentrate

Abi performed fantastically in her cross-country this week and blew us away with her speed and winning the race. Well done!