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headteacher's Cup Winners

Penguins: Malachy - Imagine

Malachy used his imagination to ask some brilliant questions on our gallery visit. It was lovely to see how much you enjoyed it!

Penguins: Ava - Respect yourself and others

Ava has been a kind friend this week. She was genuinely happy for Enola on her birthday and gave her a huge hug, she's been amazing at tidy up time!

Owls: Samuel - Work hard and concentrate

We are so impressed with Samuel's approach to learning. He is now much more focussed, manages distractions and tries his best. Well done!

Leopards: Maxwell - Respect yourself and others

Maxwell, you have impressed us with your choices this week. You have been a pleasure to teach and it's lovely to see your smile lighting up the class.

Wolves: Hannah - All learning behaviours

Hannah is always a shining example. She helps others in class and always displays all the learning behaviours. She was particularly helpful when making water lilies, thank you!

Meerkats: Ava - Don't give up

Ava has shown great determination this week when rehearsing for the play, pushing herself in new situations. Well done!

Narwhals: Jessica - Imagine

Jess has been such an inspiration to us all, showing her flair and passion for Art so generously this week. Thank you, Jess!

Squirrels: Oliver - Don't give up

Oliver showed lots of perseverance this week in Maths. Keep it up!

Sport Cup: Joey - Respect yourself and others

Joey has been making all the right choices in PE this week. He has shown respect both for himself and his classmates and worked well with others in both PE lessons. Well done!