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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Penguins: Eva - Work hard and concentrate

Eva has listened well, followed instructions and thrown herself into her learning this week. She also came up with fantastic ideas for her cake sharing challenge. Well done!

Owls: Georgia - Respect yourself and others

Georgia has been thinking about our whole school reflection themes of politeness and manners. She always tries to be helpful and kind, sharing good manners and a sunshine smile to everyone she sees.

Leopards: Grace - Work hard and concentrate

Well done, Grace - you are always open to continuous learning, especially when it comes to improving your writing. Keep up the excellent effort.

Wolves: Heath - Improve

Heath has worked really hard this week on his writing and impressed us with an amazing 'Big Write'.

Meerkats: Joe - Don't give up

Joe has been showing determination in all lessons this week, especially his handwriting in his special write. What a marvelous Meerkat!

Narwhals: Henry - Work hard and concentrate

Henry's enthusiasm for learning is infectious, whatever the subject! Thank you for such valuable contributions to our class learning. Well done!

Squirrels: Ewan - Work hard and concentrate

Ewan amazed us with his special write this week. We were gripped from start to finish with the build up of tension. Well done!

Sport Cup: Ruby - Imagine

Ruby has used her imagination over the last few weeks of dance in PE. She created a lovely routine with scarves with her group when completing the Fire of London dance. Well done!