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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Penguins: Jacob - Work hard and concentrate

Jacob has wowed us with his hard work and enthusiasm in Maths this week. Even when a number line activity had come to an end, Jacob wanted to keep going to make his even better.

Owls: Harrison - Work hard and concentrate

Harrison worked so incredibly hard in Maths this week. he has consolidated his learning of addition and subtraction and was able to see the relationship between them both.

Leopards: Macie - Don't give up

Macie, a brilliant start to the new term! You have shown an excellent attitude to learning, positively approaching tasks independently and with others. Well done!

Wolves: Laiton - Improve

Laiton has worked really hard this week in Maths and has challenged himself when finding missing number problems in multiplication. Well done!

Meerkats: Elis - Work hard and concentrate

Elis has been extremely focussed this week, striving for accuracy, especially with her character description writing.

Narwhals: Neha - Work hard and concentrate

Neha's enthusiasm and joy for reading is absolutely infectious and she has impressed us with her adventurous and resilient reading this week.

Squirrels: Whole class - Work hard and concentrate

Squirrels class have had an excellent start to the new term, focussing quickly to all their class work.

Sport Cup: Libby - Improve

Libby worked systemically when experimenting how to throw a ball further during cricket and really improved her technique. Well done!