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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Penguins: Millie - Respect yourself and others

Millie only joined Penguin class a few weeks ago, but she's already embraced St Andrew's life! Making lot of friends and diving into learning as if she has always been here!

Owls: Rowan - Respect yourself and others

Rowan is such a wonderful member of Owl class. She is happy to offer the hand of friendship to anyone in need. She always tries her best and will always make good choices.

Leopards: Eva - Respect yourself and others

Eva is a delightful Leopard, who always shows her very best every day. You are such a star!

Wolves: Isabelle - Imagine

Issy has worked really hard in English this week and written great setting descriptions about the 'Forbidden Forest'. Well done!

Meerkats: Chloe - Respect yourself and others

Chloe is a well loved member of Meerkat class as she is always looking out for others, making sure everyone is happy.

Narwhals: Larry - All learning behaviours

For always being caught doing the right thing! He is a fabulous addition to Narwhals! Well done!

Squirrels: Phoebe - Work hard and concentrate and Respect yourself and others

Phoebe is a delightful Squirrel class member. She always puts 100% effort and hard work into her classwork and homework.

Sport Cup: Vinnie - Don't give up

Vinnie's determination in Netball Club this week was outstanding. His defending skills allowed his team to get the ball back and win the game. Great teamwork!