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C of E Primary School

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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Tiger Cubs: Henry - Don't give up

Well done, Henry for carrying on, even when faced with difficulties.

Elephants: Maxwell - Work hard and concentrate

Maxwell has had an amazing week. He has worked hard with his learning and is much more focussed. He has also enjoyed working with his peers. Well done!

Dolphins: Isabelle - All learning behaviours

Isabelle is a shining member of Dolphin class. She always puts in 100% effort into her class work and supports others. She has particularly worked hard on her writing this half-term. Well done!

Swans: Tyler - Respect yourself and others

Tyler is always putting others before himself, supporting his friends and always trying to improve in all areas of his learning.

Giraffes: Amy - All learning behaviours

Amy always makes the right choices and brings a positive attitude towards her learning. She is an enthusiastic Giraffe. Well done and keep it up!

Doves: Jodie - Improve

Jodie showed real commitment to developing her illustrations in the style of Quentin Blake. What a great improvement to your 'free-wheeling', Jodie.

Ravens: Lilly-May - Respect yourself and others

Lilly-May always works well with others. She is patient and kind to all members of the school community.

Sport Cup: Archie -Try new things

Archie tried really hard to adjust his bowling technique in rounders this week, taking into account the differences in his fellow team mates. Well done!