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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Tiger Cubs: Evie - Try new things

For super determination during Sports day!

Elephants: Elizabeth - Respect yourself and others

Lilly is so kind, she always looks for the positive in everyone, supports her fellow Elephants, just a friend to all. A role-model to everyone!

Dolphins: Jessica - Respect yourself and others

Jessica is a kind Dolphin. She is a patient learning partner and always works well with others. Well Done!

Swans: Whole class - Respect yourself and others

Swan class have impressed us this week with their wonderful sportsmanship, cheering for all the houses and giving their all!

Giraffes: Jack - Improve

Jack has worked really hard in English and wrote an excellent 'disastrous Sports Day' newspaper report. Well done!

Doves: Chloe - Improve

Chloe has really focussed during recent weeks, really striving to better her best and challenge herself. Well done!

Ravens: Oliver - Respect yourself and others

Oliver is always a shining example to others, he always listens and is patient and kind to his peers, what an amazing Raven!

Sport Cup: Ravens - All learning behaviours

Year 6 were an incredible help at Sports Day and showed all of our learning behaviours. Thank you all very much for your hard work and energy!