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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Tiger Cubs: Zachariah - Don't give up

Zachariah has made huge progress, he is determined to do well and always tries his best!

Elephants: Jacob - All learning behaviours

Jacob is a shining example of everything a St Andrew's pupil should be! He consistently demonstrates ALL the learning behaviours. What a superstar!

Dolphins: Emmie - Don't give up

Emmie has had a resilient week in Dolphin class. She is growing in confidence to have a go in Maths. Well done!

Swans: Emily - Improve

Emily always works hard to do her best, striving to improve in all areas of her learning. Taking each challenge on with a smile.

Giraffes: Jack - All learning behaviours

Jack always brings a positive attitude to learning and shows all of our learning behaviours now he is becoming more resilient. Keep it up!

Doves: Dennis - Improve

Dennis has really impressed us with his attitude to editing and improving his writing this week and a final draft on the writing display to be proud of. Well done!

Ravens: Marney - Respect yourself and others

Marney works well with others and is a reflective learner. She was really supportive and kind to younger children during our House Art session.

Sport Cup: Pippa - Improve

Pippa is always determined to improve in PE and was strategic at conserving her energy in the 400m. Well done!