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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Lovebirds: Isabel - Respecting herself and others.

Isabel, we are so proud of you because you are showing kindness to other Lovebirds. You have had a super week and you are so happy to succeed.

Pandas: Thedara - Work hard and concentrate.

Thedara has made lots of effort with her writing this week. She is focussed on re-reading her sentences and working hard to improve her punctuation. Keep it up Thedara!

Seahorses: Amelia - Work hard and concentrate.

Amelia has been trying her best in all that she has done this week, focusing really well on her learning. Well done Amelia, keep it up!

Giraffes: Alfie - Imagine.

Alfie has been gathering data with all of his senses and has responded to our 'Great Fire of London' topic with awe and wonder. Keep enjoying non-fiction books Alfie!

Ocelots: Luca - Work hard and concentrate.

Luca consistently works hard to do the best that he can. He quietly focuses on his work and makes the right choices. Well done Luca, Keep it up!

Polar Bears: Erin - Improve.

Erin always does her best and showed great improvement in her maths this week. Well done Erin!

Golden Eagles: Tallulah - Imagine.

Tallulah worked really hard this week in RE creating a fabulous image of her spiritual journey. She showed great imagination and thoughtfulness. Well Done Tallulah.

Falcons: Thomas - Respect yourself and others.

Thomas is always polite and respectful. He is always focussed on the task in hand and he is an excellent ambassador for Falcons.

Sports Cup: Thomas.

Thomas has worked incredibly hard this week during PE sessions. Well done Thomas