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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Tiger Cubs: Arlo - All learning behaviours

Arlo is a great example to the Tiger Cub class. He sticks at his challenges and doesn't give up. Well done!

Elephants : Lizzie - Respect yourself and others

Lizzie has worked so hard to focus on the right things. Keep it up because we are so proud of you!

Dolphins: Daisy - Don't give up

Daisy has worked really hard to overcome challenges this week. She has shown great resilience.

Swans: Keanu - Improve

Keanu has been flying high this week! He has made great efforts to improve in all areas and has made us all smile!

Giraffes: Erin - Improve

Erin always brings a positive attitude to her learning and has worked hard on improving her writing this week. Keep it up!

Doves: Jasmine - Work hard and concentrate

Jasmine really worked hard during RE this week, asking insightful questions and contributing thoughtfully to discussions.

Ravens: Fynn - Don't give up

Fynn has been a really resilient member of Raven's class this week. He has stuck at his maths and grammar work. Well done!

Sport Cup : Daisy - Try new things

Daisy really enjoyed herself when having a go at Junior Just Dance routines in classroom PE this week. Despite not having much room, she gave it her all and danced her heart out! Well Done!