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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Tiger Cubs: Isla - Al learning behaviours

Isla always makes the right choices, challenges herself and is helpful all of the time. An amazing member of Tiger Cub class!

Elephants: Isaac - Respect yourself and others

Isaac has worked incredibly hard to make good choices and focus this week. We're all so proud of you. Keep it up!

Dolphins: Evelyn - Respect yourself and others / Work hard and concentrate

Evelyn is an amazing, hard-working member of Dolphin class. She always impresses us with her perseverance with tricky challenges. Well done!

Swans: Lola-Rose - Imagine

Lola follows all the learning behaviours but his week has shone with her imagination and creativity with her 'Big Write' and her stained glass window.

Giraffes: liberty - All learning behaviours

Liberty is always enthusiastic and works hard in every lesson! She participates in discussions and puts a smile on all the Giraffe's faces. Keep it up!

Doves: Archie - Improve

Archie put in such tremendous effort to edit and improve this week's 'Big Write' - what a star writer you are!

Ravens: Isabelle - Improve

Isabelle is making good progress in Maths. She has cracked long division and calculating with fractions. Amazing work, Isabelle!
Sport Cup: Amber - Improve
Amber worked hard on her jumping technique this week and amazed her class with how far she went! Well done!