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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Tiger Cubs: Louie - Don't give up

Louie shows great determination, he enjoys learning and is so proud of his achievements.

Elephants: Emily - Work hard and concentrate

Emily has worked hard since returning from the Easter holidays, she has been focused and determined. Well done!

Dolphins: Lola - Try new things

Lola is always a hard working member of Dolphin class, but she particularly impressed us with her questioning skills in Maths and Philosophy this week. Well done!

Swans: Tyler - All learning behaviours

Tyler has worked extremely hard this week, getting to know his new class and impressing us with his concentration and behaviour.

Giraffes: Erin - Work hard and concentrate

Erin always works hard and strives to improve, setting a great example to her peers. A great member of Giraffe class!

Doves: Charlie - Improve

Charlie has blown us away recently with his improved confidence during discussions, even volunteering to lead a group discussion during English. Well done!

Ravens: Tom - Respect yourself and others

Tom tries hard to help others, he has been a skilled computer monitor for assembly and he is kind and helpful with the younger children.

Sport Cup: Lucas - Improve

Lucas showed great skill when bowling in rounders this week. He calmly and quietly adjusted his throw to help his teammates hit the ball as best as they could. Well done, Lucas!