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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Tiger Cubs: Stanley - Work hard and concentrate

Stanley enjoys his learning and strives with accuracy and precision. He will bounce back from failure and has impressed us with his maths this week. Well done!

Elephants: Emily - Imagine

Emily has impressed us this week with her fractions learning. She has been quick to find 1/2 and 1/4 of numbers and has helped others too!

Dolphins: April - Respect yourself and others

April is a delightful member of Dolphin class. She thinks of others, helps her friends and makes great choices. Well done!

Swans: Kayden - Imagine

Kayden always works hard and concentrates during every lesson and this week he has written an amazing 'Special Write'. He has used amazing vocabulary too. Well done!

Giraffes: Josh - Improve

Josh has produced some excellent descriptive writing in English this week and he continues to impress us all during our play rehearsals. Well done!

Doves: Alfie - Improve

Alfie has really striven to improve his accuracy and precision, blowing us away with his improved spelling in particular! Super work, Alfie!

Ravens: Isabel - Work hard and concentrate

Isabel always tries her hardest. She loves a challenge and always focuses on the right thing.

Sport Cup: Dolphins: Work hard and concentrate

Year 2 have been excellent this week when organising and planning their very own golf course. Well done!