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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Tiger Cubs: Abigail - Respect yourself and others / Work hard and concentrate

Abigail is now constantly thinking about her actions. She is a kind, thoughtful and caring member of the Tiger cub team. She has also practised lots and is amazing us daily with her reading skills. Well done!

Elephants: Leo - Don't give up

Leo always tries his very best . He listens more, learns from mistakes and shows determination in all that he does. Well done, Leo!

Dolphins: Emily - Work hard and concentrate

An impressive 'Big Write', Emily. You worked so hard to include time connectives and conjunctions in your Traction Man story. Well done!

Swans: Charlie - Work hard and concentrate

Charlie has really pushed himself this week, working in the challenge zone and continually has a positive attitude towards learning.

Giraffes: Oliver - Improve

Oliver has been working hard when editing and improving his creative writing and is reading more frequently. Keep it up!

Doves: Elijah - Work hard and concentrate

Elijah has really striven to put in the hours this week, making the most of very minute during independent work and getting immersed in his really exciting books at home. Well done!

Ravens: Summer - All learning behaviours

Summer has really stuck at her maths this week, she has used her imagination in her writing and she has come into class early every day to help put out books. What a week!

Sport Cup: Joe - Respect yourself and others

Joe showed great teamwork in football this week and impressed his classmates with his skills. Well done!