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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Tiger Cubs: Delilah - Work hard and concentrate

Delilah loved bringing in an encyclopaedia and sharing it with Tiger cub class. She even wrote lots of facts to share. Great learning Delilah!

Elephants: Emily - Try new things

Emily continues to impress us, she enjoys having a go and will always try her best. She has really challenged herself this week and produced some amazing work!

Dolphins: Charlie - Work hard and concentrate

Charlie works so very hard at his weekly spellings, both at home and at school. Well done, Charlie. Keep it up!

Swans: Charlie - Improve

Charlie has shone this week, improving both his presentation and attitude to learning. Keep it up!

Giraffes: Lincoln - Imagine

Lincoln has been asking excellent questions this week in Geography and showed great enthusiasm in researching the events in Pompeii. Great work, Lincoln!

Doves: Bella - Respect yourself and others

Bella is such a supportive member of the class, always searching for opportunities to challenge her thinking and explain things to others.

Ravens: Abigail - Improve

Abi did her best to solve a maths mastery problem. She avoided rushing and demonstrated the problems' solution to the whole class.

Sport Cup: Isaac - Respect yourself and others

Isaac showed good self-control when using bench apparatus in PE this week. He worked with others in his class to use the space and equipment safely. Well done!