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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Tiger Cubs: Rosie - Work hard and concentrate

Rosie has put in the hours and amazed us with her sound and number recognition this week. She also worked incredibly hard on her 'Special Write'.

Elephants: Christopher - Work hard and concentrate

Wow, you really impressed us during 'Special Write'. You concentrated so hard and did not give up when it became more challenging. Well done!  

Dolphins: Ruby - Work hard and concentrate

Ruby has had a fantastic hard working week. She puts 100% into all her class work and is an example to all Dolphin class.

Swans: Isabel - Don't give up

Issy showed great resilience today with her writing. She was unsure at first, then didn't give up and ended up being a super member of Swan's class!

Giraffes: Nancy - Work hard and concentrate

Nancy has worked really hard this week, making good choices and improving her descriptive writing. Keep it up, Nancy!

Doves: Vinnie - Work hard and concentrate

Vinnie has shown such resilience in all that he has done this week, including assessments! It's amazing to see you challenging yourself like this, Vinnie!

Ravens: Cameron - Respect yourself and others

Cameron is always patient and gentle with younger children. He starts every day with a huge smile which always brightens my day!

Sport Cup: Ewan - Work hard and concentrate

Ewan had an amazing dance lesson in PE this week, learning the 'Ghostbusters' routine! He strove for accuracy and precision and thoroughly enjoyed himself. Well done!