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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Tiger Cubs: Darcy - Work hard and concentrate

Darcy has really embraced his challenges this week. Demonstrating awe and wonder that has spread throughout the Tiger cub class!

Elephants: Eddie - Improve & Respect yourself and others

Eddie has made positive choices this week. Well done, you have shown great self-control and learned from your experiences. Keep it up!

Dolphins: Miley - Respect yourself and others

Miley is a super learning partner. She challenges herself while encouraging others by being kind and patient. Well done, Miley.

Swans: Ava - Improve

Ava's handwriting and presentation in her book has flourished! She has been working extremely hard, focusing and ensuring her work is presented to the best of her ability.

Giraffes: Lily - Improve

Lily has been working hard this week. She has persevered with her writing and has focussed on achieving her targets.

Doves: Lila - Work hard and concentrate

Lila works hard and strives to give her best again and again and is such a positive role-model for others. Well done, Lila!

Ravens: Brook - Don't give up

Brook is a resilient learner. He has really persevered with his English and Maths this term and continues to make brilliant progress.

Sport Cup: Keanu - Work hard and concentrate

Keanu worked really hard in tennis this week, making the right choices and improving his ball skills. Well done!