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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Tiger Cubs: Rowan - Work hard and concentrate

Rowan has challenged herself in all she has done this week. she particularly enjoyed our Chinese Dragon dance, working hard to perfect her moves. Well Done!

Elephants: Isaac - Respect yourself and others

Isaac has worked hard this week to make the right choices, working collaboratively  in his Science group, taking turns and sharing.

Dolphins: Isabel - Don't give up

We are so proud of Issie. She has shown huge perseverance with counting in 2's, 5's and 10's. She has practised every day with Mrs George. Amazing, well done!

Swans: Joshua - Improve

Josh has been working so hard this week making the right choices and engaged in our Science activities. Keep it up, Josh!

Giraffes: Louis - Work hard and concentrate

Well done Louis, excellent English work this week. We were really impressed with your 'Howler' with powerful emotive language.

Doves: Tilly - Work hard and concentrate

Tilly has really focussed this week, challenging herself and striving for accuracy, particularly in Maths!

Ravens: Mateusz - Work hard and concentrate

Even though he has been really poorly, Mateusz has focussed on his learning and he has enjoyed our Science activities. What a resilient member of Raven's class. Well done!

Sport Cup: Year 5 - Respect yourself and others

The whole of year 5 showed great self control in PE this week. Due to the weather, PE had to be classroom based and they thoroughly enjoyed their 'static' dance lesson.