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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Tiger Cubs: Harrison - Try new things & Improve

Harrison has strived to do his best in Maths and English at school and home, challenging himself at every opportunity.

Elephants: Emil - All learning behaviours

We are so proud of you, Emil! You are coming into school with a big smile, playing well with others and using your voice more and more!

Dolphins: Oliver - Work hard and concentrate

Oliver shows huge enthusiasm for his learning. He particularly enjoyed our 'Great Fire of London' experience, taking the role of the Lord Mayor of London'. You are a joy to teach, Oliver!

Swans:Harley - Work hard and concentrate

Harley has been working extremely hard this week, impressing us with his learning and even asking for extra work. We are so proud of you, well done!

Giraffes:George - Don't give up

George has really impressed when converting fractions and decimals this week and has also persevered with his descriptive writing. Keep it up, George!

Doves: Sam - Improve

Sam is really striving to improve his accuracy and really impressed us with his meticulous approach to his 'Big Write' this week - technically accurate as well as creative and beautifully presented!

Ravens:Harry - Work hard and concentrate

Harry works incredibly hard in all lessons. He always strives for accuracy and is always happy to tackle a challenge.

Sport Cup: Ruby - Work hard and concentrate

Ruby demonstrated excellent athletic skills in PE this week and worked hard on her triple jump technique. Well done!