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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Tiger Cubs: Aimee - Try new things

Aimee has become much more confident in class and is trying new things. She has been volunteering answers all week. Well done!

Elephant: Whole class - All learning behaviours

Elephant class had a fantastic visit to our forest school. They worked well in teams to build a shelter, listening and co-operating together. Well done!

Dolphins: Will - All learning behaviours

Will is a shining example in the Dolphin class. He always puts 100% into all his school work. Well done!

Swans: Rhys - All learning behaviours

Rhys has followed all of the learning behaviours, especially demonstrating work hard and concentrate. He has been pushing himself to improve and certainly working in the challenge zone! Well done!

Giraffes: Sienna - All learning behaviours

Sienna has been a fantastic member of the Giraffe class. she brings a smile to all our faces, we know she will continue to do so at her new school!

Doves: Ewan - Improve

Ewan, what an improvement we are seeing in your learning behaviour, day in and day out, particularly in writing. We are so very proud of you!

Ravens: Sid - improve

Sid's writing has just got better and better. He was open to advice and feedback and has not needed reminding to use his green pen to edit. Well done!

Sport Cup: Cameron - Improve

Cameron worked hard in his hockey lesson this week, using great stick skills in the matches. well done!