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Headteacher's Cup Winners

Tiger Cubs: Samuel - Work hard and concentrate

Samuel has settled to school life really well and is very proud of the progress he is making. He is proving to be a super little 'Tiger cub'.

Elephants: Carter - Try new things

Carter always tries his very best and this week he has been challenging himself more and more, taking responsible risks and succeeding! Well done!

Dolphins: Lily - work hard and concentrate

Lily has shown care in checking her calculations when completing maths addition problems. Well done!

Swans: Connie - Work hard and concentrate

Connie always works hard and concentrates in all aspects of school life. Connie is a shining example to the Swan class.

Giraffes: Neha - Respect yourself and others

Neha is an excellent working partner, she always supports her peers and can be relied upon to make good choices. Well done Neha what a caring friend you are to all Giraffe class.

Doves: Libby - Work hard and concentrate

Libby has immersed herself in our current non-fiction celebration, working particularly hard to gather information for our ship's log book.

Ravens: Phebe - improve

Wow! what an amazing week Phebe has had, she has impressed us all with her speedy times tables. Keep it up, Phebe!

Sport Cup: Jacob - Work hard and concentrate

Jacob always shows great focus and determination to do all the right things. He follows instructions quickly and focuses on all the right things. He manages all distractions and is a fantastic example for others in his class. Well done!